I went to buy a bag, but bought two new pairs of shoes instead…

Just a recount of my little shopping trip the other day. For those who don’t know yet, I am based in Paris at the moment with my French partner. Bonjour, et Bienvenue sur mon blog! (My home is in New Zealand!).

I got what I wanted, and not what I needed!

At the moment, there is a huge winter sale and promotion going on, and of course, I got to get in on the deals too! So off I went to the shopping centre to look for a nice little backpack for my daily use (as I currently don’t have one and have been borrowing my flatmate’s bag). I was off to a good start! I got off at the right metro station (the public transport), walked past all of the other clothing, jewellery and makeup boutiques,  and straight to one of my favourite bag and accessories store called Parfois. They had a great promotion on, and the store was so busy! I felt a little disappointed because I thought all the good bags were gone because of how busy they will. There was no Bonjour! or Puis-je vous aider? (can I help you?). But that was Ok. I walked straight to the bag section. There were so many choices, if I could afford it, I would’ve bought them all. I managed to narrow it down to three choices. All three were quite different from each other, except for the fact that they are all backpacks. Pictures below! Tell me what you think about the bags? I’ll also put a link down below if you want to take a little browse ; ) Black, Brown or Pink?


So I looked at my watch and thought to myself “30mins before closing time.” I decided to take a quick walk around and to figure out which bag I liked the most. To cut the story short, I ended up in one of my other! favourite shoe store called Aldo. And what a coincidence, they had a 50% sale on too! In the end, I left the shopping centre with two new pairs of shoes and no bag. Who else does this too! You go to the store for something and come out with something completely different!

These are the shoes I bought instead of the bag. What do you think? The link is below if you want to shop their brand. They look amazing on, and super soft and comfortable to walk in! I’m pretty happy with the buy(s)!



Some of my favourite brands:



What kind of a morning girl are you?

Tea or  Coffee?

The first thing I do in the morning is straight into the kitchen to make hot water for my herbal green tea. I add lemon, ginger and honey for that extra zing to wake me up! Then I’d carry that cup of tea around with me around while getting ready for the day.

I want to know what you guys reach for in the morning? Are you a tea person or coffee all the way! or both! And why? 

Everybody has a preference! I personally like tea! There are hundreds of herbal and infused teas out there you can never have too many choices. And plus, I can drink tea without having to add sugar to enhance the flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink coffee now and then, but never on its own, always with a bit of sugar and milk (I’m not a big fan of the bitter taste…), which can be quiet heavy and sugary. And I know there are several articles and research out there about both beverages, and both can have positive benefits and effect on the health.

Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget to comment below 🙂

Being attractive has very little to do with superficial looks

” One of the most captivating qualities of Parisian women is their self-confidence. They wear it like a fine couture gown, perfectly fitted to their body, their age, their style. it shows in the way they carry themselves, and the way they interact with others. what makes them so confident is their keen awareness that being attractive has very little to do with superficial looks.” 

What makes you feel confident?

 I personally feel, there are many things that contribute to my feeling confident and attractive. After a lot of pondering, then asking my partner what he thinks makes a woman look attractive. One major thought that stuck out to me the most is

… I invest time during the day for myself and my beauty routines.

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself. Never. Every day I give myself a little time, whether it’s in the morning or at night, to do a facial scrub, drink herbal tea, do yoga or shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows. Doing these things makes me feel I am taking care of myself, my health and my body. Investing time in myself. And the benefit of this is that I feel good and confident in myself. And I feel I can step out of the front door and walk down the street like I’m walking down a runway show. I’m not kidding! On a really good day, I walk about like there’s a camera crew following my every move.

And I can look my partner in the eyes and not shy away from his stare. That’s very important. And that makes me feel attractive.


Winter here Summer there

It’s crazy to think that some of us are freezing through the middle of winter and others are smack bang in the middle of summer! Right now it’s the height of summer back at home in New Zealand! Lucky Kiwis! My friends and family are flaunting around in shorts, summer dresses, and in bikinis walking barefoot in the sand. And I’m here, couped up inside, freezing and in the middle of winter in Paris, France. The complete change in season means a complete change in wardrobe too.

“Paris, my home away from home”






Thousands of miles away from the sunny paradise called home. Not to mention, the many selfies, posts and pictures I’m receiving from everyone, is just torture! ( but I love them, please keep them coming!). The vibrant colours, change in weather and fashion in New Zeland is a huge contrast to the rainy, dull and gloomy atmosphere here in the French city. We’re soldiering through the winter months.

The French are always slaying!

How the Parisians manage to stay in style is beyond me in this weather. My little kiwi legs, can’t keep up! Take a look at the huge fashion difference and dress habits during the cold winter months here in Paris. Every bright coloured piece of clothing is pushed to the back of the wardrobe to make room for everything dark, black and sultry. And a few accent pieces of colours, like grey and the right shades of blues, are displayed in the forefront.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes 

Despite the wet rainy weather, heels, platforms and boots of a variety of heights are a constant here in the city. Rain is annoying but never a problem for a french! To add, tall and sleek winter coats are also making a permanent appearance. And don’t forget the faux fur. There’s always a faux fur within sight on the streets of Paris! You can’t walk a few meters without seeing someone clad in this warm trend.


New Zealand knows how to celebrate in colours!


Now, here’s what everyone is wearing during the lovely summer months. Where the weather is hot and beautiful, and where your free time is spent lazing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Back at home in sweet old New Zealand jeans and sweaters are swapped in for denim shorts, beautiful summer dresses and open shoes. And man, do we love wearing our “jandals” in another term flip-flops or sandals.  And the straw hat! To keep the harsh sun rays away from our faces, and to avoid eye contact with the old man sun tanning a few meters away from you!

kiwis are the best at casual wear!

Maxi dresses and one-piece outfits are out in full! Us kiwis are the best at casual wear, but we can also pull together a great looking outfit if we want to! We like to keep things nice and simple. Comfort is key!


Comment below and let us knwo where you are and what season you’re in! What’s the fashion right now in your part of the world? 

New Year. New Me?

It’s 2018! I’m having mixed feelings rolling into this new year. And I’m surely not the only one. But first, let’s congratulate ourselves. Hooray to saying goodbye to 2017! To leaving behind bad choices, financial crises, overspending, over drinking and to saying goodbye to bad eating habits. Am I glad to wipe the slate clean and start fresh from the beginning!? Well yes, definitely yes! But at the same time, there’s that nagging voice in my head, and for some of us, from our family, our partners and loved ones. That question we can’t seem to avoid and can’t help but ask ourselves.


What is my goal for 2018? Not everybody is as quick, as motivated and as energised to jump into the new year with an open arm. Let me say this to you. It’s OK! Because we’re not all the same. We’re all wonderfully different! Never compare yourself to someone else, and never let anyone bring you down!

For those who are feeling a bit left behind in 2017, and haven’t yet jumped into 2018. Because let’s be honest, not everyone is as fast or keen to find a “new year” resolution(s) or set goals for the following year. Here’s a little inspirational quote to get your creative thinking going and to help you get started. Let us walk into 2018 fashionably late. The year has only just begun. This one’s for you!