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Got cravings? Take a browse through my delicious recipes, which have been tried, refined and tested by friends and family, young and old. And believe me, they are delicious! I try my best to modify and add/make substitutions to the recipes so that my vegan and vegetarian friends can also enjoy these sweet and savory treats! And on the plus side, all ingredients can easily be found at your local supermarket. No need to go hunting for any special ingredients. Head to the Food section now.


My Quick and Effective Lazy People Fitness Guide. For anyone and everyone out there who are finding it hard to motivate themselves or lack the confidence to get out there and give your body and mind the exercise it really needs. Follow my FREE fitness tips and practices that have helped me to find my motivation and confidence to be active, to work on myself and my body. Because believe me when I say that before, working out and fitness is not something I willingly participated in, so that is why I really want to share this with you and help you find YOUR CONFIDENCECheck out the Fitness section now.

Untitled design (43)Make time for yourself and give your skin the love it needs. At home beauty treatments is my kind of spa. Why spend hundreds at the clinic when you easily make an all natural treatment at home using the most basic ingredients.  Routine is KEY! Try one of my beauty facial treatments in the Beauty section here.