Winter here Summer there

It’s crazy to think that some of us are freezing through the middle of winter and others are smack bang in the middle of summer! Right now it’s the height of summer back at home in New Zealand! Lucky Kiwis! My friends and family are flaunting around in shorts, summer dresses, and in bikinis walking barefoot in the sand. And I’m here, couped up inside, freezing and in the middle of winter in Paris, France. The complete change in season means a complete change in wardrobe too.

“Paris, my home away from home”






Thousands of miles away from the sunny paradise called home. Not to mention, the many selfies, posts and pictures I’m receiving from everyone, is just torture! ( but I love them, please keep them coming!). The vibrant colours, change in weather and fashion in New Zeland is a huge contrast to the rainy, dull and gloomy atmosphere here in the French city. We’re soldiering through the winter months.

The French are always slaying!

How the Parisians manage to stay in style is beyond me in this weather. My little kiwi legs, can’t keep up! Take a look at the huge fashion difference and dress habits during the cold winter months here in Paris. Every bright coloured piece of clothing is pushed to the back of the wardrobe to make room for everything dark, black and sultry. And a few accent pieces of colours, like grey and the right shades of blues, are displayed in the forefront.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes 

Despite the wet rainy weather, heels, platforms and boots of a variety of heights are a constant here in the city. Rain is annoying but never a problem for a french! To add, tall and sleek winter coats are also making a permanent appearance. And don’t forget the faux fur. There’s always a faux fur within sight on the streets of Paris! You can’t walk a few meters without seeing someone clad in this warm trend.


New Zealand knows how to celebrate in colours!


Now, here’s what everyone is wearing during the lovely summer months. Where the weather is hot and beautiful, and where your free time is spent lazing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Back at home in sweet old New Zealand jeans and sweaters are swapped in for denim shorts, beautiful summer dresses and open shoes. And man, do we love wearing our “jandals” in another term flip-flops or sandals.  And the straw hat! To keep the harsh sun rays away from our faces, and to avoid eye contact with the old man sun tanning a few meters away from you!

kiwis are the best at casual wear!

Maxi dresses and one-piece outfits are out in full! Us kiwis are the best at casual wear, but we can also pull together a great looking outfit if we want to! We like to keep things nice and simple. Comfort is key!


Comment below and let us knwo where you are and what season you’re in! What’s the fashion right now in your part of the world? 

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