I went to buy a bag, but bought two new pairs of shoes instead…

Just a recount of my little shopping trip the other day. For those who don’t know yet, I am based in Paris at the moment with my French partner. Bonjour, et Bienvenue sur mon blog! (My home is in New Zealand!).

I got what I wanted, and not what I needed!

At the moment, there is a huge winter sale and promotion going on, and of course, I got to get in on the deals too! So off I went to the shopping centre to look for a nice little backpack for my daily use (as I currently don’t have one and have been borrowing my flatmate’s bag). I was off to a good start! I got off at the right metro station (the public transport), walked past all of the other clothing, jewellery and makeup boutiques,  and straight to one of my favourite bag and accessories store called Parfois. They had a great promotion on, and the store was so busy! I felt a little disappointed because I thought all the good bags were gone because of how busy they will. There was no Bonjour! or Puis-je vous aider? (can I help you?). But that was Ok. I walked straight to the bag section. There were so many choices, if I could afford it, I would’ve bought them all. I managed to narrow it down to three choices. All three were quite different from each other, except for the fact that they are all backpacks. Pictures below! Tell me what you think about the bags? I’ll also put a link down below if you want to take a little browse ; ) Black, Brown or Pink?


So I looked at my watch and thought to myself “30mins before closing time.” I decided to take a quick walk around and to figure out which bag I liked the most. To cut the story short, I ended up in one of my other! favourite shoe store called Aldo. And what a coincidence, they had a 50% sale on too! In the end, I left the shopping centre with two new pairs of shoes and no bag. Who else does this too! You go to the store for something and come out with something completely different!

These are the shoes I bought instead of the bag. What do you think? The link is below if you want to shop their brand. They look amazing on, and super soft and comfortable to walk in! I’m pretty happy with the buy(s)!



Some of my favourite brands:



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