What kind of a morning girl are you?

Tea or  Coffee?

The first thing I do in the morning is straight into the kitchen to make hot water for my herbal green tea. I add lemon, ginger and honey for that extra zing to wake me up! Then I’d carry that cup of tea around with me around while getting ready for the day.

I want to know what you guys reach for in the morning? Are you a tea person or coffee all the way! or both! And why? 

Everybody has a preference! I personally like tea! There are hundreds of herbal and infused teas out there you can never have too many choices. And plus, I can drink tea without having to add sugar to enhance the flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink coffee now and then, but never on its own, always with a bit of sugar and milk (I’m not a big fan of the bitter taste…), which can be quiet heavy and sugary. And I know there are several articles and research out there about both beverages, and both can have positive benefits and effect on the health.

Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget to comment below 🙂

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